Pressdog sheds some light and logic

MAR 29 – Bill “Pressdog” Zahren had a really interesting post recently on his blog (read it, it’s really good) that talks about public relations. He dives into what the hell “PR” really is and how it pertains to sports and racing; who does what, and for whom, and why they do it; and why it’s important and so damn hard for a series like Indycar to get really great traction on a really good story, and get it out to the public.

“The main thing media people want is readers/viewers (i.e. customers). News organizations want more people to read/view/listen to their stuff than any other news organization’s stuff. Media outlets are businesses so that means success is all about attracting and retaining customers. Traffic (customers consuming the media product) makes them more attractive to advertisers, and fees charged for advertising are what drive media company revenue.”

If you want to learn a thing or two about how public relations actually functions, and how it functions specifically in racing and Indycar, give that a read. There are a lot of universally misunderstood misnomers about the goings-on in Indycar, and this goes a ways toward dispelling a lot of ignorance on the topic.


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