The Chill of Winter

I decided to not post for a little while (basically a month) to cool the jets off. It was probably dumb of me to take a break right after Trackside was gracious enough to let me talk for a few minutes on Blogger Night. I needed a break, as the Indycar off-season started to really feel like a grind. The beginning of the off-season was exciting because you had all the news about Randy Bernard being let go, Mark Miles coming in, and the first phase of drivers and teams pairing up. Then the valley came and news was sparse. And it’s when the news gets sparse that people (myself included) begin to knit-pick and over-analyze every single Indycar-related thing, and that kinda’ ground me down a bit. So I needed the break.

That said, I wanted to talk a little bit about Blogger Night on Trackside.

I think it was two weeks or so prior to Blogger Night that Kevin Lee first mentioned it on-air. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, I jumped on an email and shot him a couple ideas I could talk about. The back and forth was pretty simple and straight-forward (basically Kevin trying to sort out when people want to talk – I wasn’t particular) and within a few days, a batting order was in place. I landed the second hour.

I actually had the gun jumped by a week, as I thought blogger night was going to be the week before it actually was. So leading up to that (false) Tuesday night showtime, I was a bit nervous but I’d talked to people about my idea, so I was pretty decently rehearsed. When I realized Blogger Night was actually the following week, I was a little relieved as I felt that gave me another week to maybe think of something more substantial.

So the real Blogger Night comes around and I have a flight that day. I tried to schedule my flight down to LA (from San Francisco) well ahead of when Trackside airs (usually 5PM here on the West Coast) so that I could be landed and in a proper place to talk. That was the plan. I flew United (I never fly United and quite dislike flying United; I always fly Virgin when I can) so naturally my flight was delayed by about an hour, which had me a little bit worried. But at the same time, it was out of my control so I didn’t stress too hard about possibly missing Trackside.

We eventually take off, fly for an hour, land and I get to my destination with plenty of time to settle in and listen to Trackside. The first hour flies by with some really great bloggers talking about a ton of different subjects, but one thing I started to notice was how long some people were taking (totally within their right, I’ll add) and I started to think I either wouldn’t get any air-time or my time would be really limited. Once Kevin started to mention that time was tight and for us to keep it concise, I started to assume that I wouldn’t get too much time to just chat it up and started to work out how best to talk about my topic clearly and directly without taking up anyone else’s time. Not to mention Pressdog and Steph of MoreFrontWing (and other bigger blogs) were behind me to close out the show, so I didn’t want to be the reason anyone lost out on precious minutes.

So it’s coming up on my time and I finally get the call from the studio. The in-studio producer is on the other end of the call, asks me how I’m doing, if I’m ready and that’s when the nerves really hit me. Up to that point, I was nervous but I was fine. Once I’d greeted the producer and was sitting there, listening to the show on my phone, the butterflies took over. Then all of a sudden you’re on the air.

Listening back to my spot on the podcast (which is so difficult for me to endure), I can hear my voice trembling for the first minute or so. There were um’s and uh’s and I think my heart was about to jump out of my chest at one point. But somehow, miraculously, I start to find a groove and I start to sound a lot better. I think choosing a topic in which I’ve touched on here, on the blog, helped in that respect. Once the wheels got greased and moving, it got better. I felt a little goofy for not having a Twitter account to plug, but that’s fine.

I think my goal going into my 5-minute spot was to hit my point well, keep it tight and concise, not run out of breathe, and not cuss on the radio. And I think I did that well enough. Maybe next year I’ll feel more comfortable and maybe not feel so stiff on-air but I think for my first time on radio, it wasn’t half bad.

Overall, I think Blogger Night is such a cool idea. It’s a lot of fun getting to be a part of it, and getting to check out the blogs of other people who love what you love. The beauty of it is that while we all blog about Indycar, everyone has their own personal story to tell and their own perspective in which they come from, and they have their own aspect of Indycar racing in which they focus on. I don’t know where mine falls but it’s great to see a blog that talks about the history of the sport, another that focuses on the Mazda Road to Indy series’, another that focuses on the UK perspective.

The aspects of it all that make it great go on, so I just wanted to say thank you to Kevin Lee and Curt Cavin for providing the platform, and thanks to all the other blogs to making this a neat little niche of a niche to be a part of.



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