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Warm-Up posts are stream-of-consciousness. No structure, just random thoughts on a specific topic. They’re for quick concepts or ideas to be put into word as they come up. Consider it a spit-ball on this blogs wall.

JAN 22 – Indycar needs a video game – the fact that it doesn’t is alarming. Granted, it’s expensive to develop a top-shelf, AAA video game title. Formula 1 pays handsomely for their yearly game, but the return they get on that is through the roof. Look at a website like – you’d never see F1 referenced, ever, if it weren’t for the video game they have and the fact that it’s actually good.

Indycar doesn’t have the depth of pocket Formula 1 has, so why not get creative?

Look at a game like this, that’s currently in development. The project is asking for around $15,800 in funding to get the project off the ground and finished and it’s already over 50% funded. $7,000 from Indycar could finish the rest of the funding and morph the project from a game lacking identity, to a licensed project with a real car and a real track?

For $7,000 why couldn’t Indycar request the following: renaming of the game to reflect Indycar and its involvement; switching the F1-style open-wheel car to a DW12; inclusion of Indianapolis Motor Speedway as a race-able track; billboards at all other tracks in-game used to promote the series and the Indy 500?

And the return on that investment would be associated with every web impression, game preview, and review on each video game website it finds itself on; every fan-made Youtube video; every Indie-game message board it’d be mentioned on; Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. Etc.

I think the ROI would be heavily in Indycars favor. It’s just a matter of someone being made aware and a trigger being pulled. They have until Feb 17th.

  1. The good ‘ol videogame topic! When we want to race Indycars on GT5 we always use the PD F1 car, and every time it KILLS me that I have to drive some F1 car around the oval instead of an Indycar. I always assumed the rights for a current car were probably more than PD was willing to pay, but considering thier love for all things automobilia I was suprised a few “classic” cars weren’t included… roadsters and such. Have you seen that Grid 2 will include the DW12 and IMS? Maybe the last hurrah for the west coast office?

    Nice blog, ill add you to my sidebar, are you on twitter?

    • Yeah! I saw the Joystiq article last week or so. I think it’s the type of deal that Indycar is in a position to make at this point – in terms of scale. Everyone knows a stand-alone game is almost out of the question because of the lack of demand for an Indycar game + the cost to do it right (at or close to a AAA-title level). I think a very solid alternative is to work out these kinds of deals, licensing the cars and tracks to separate titles.

      The thing with GT5 is that I remember reading about the inclusion of the Indycar Series a few months prior to release. It was featured in a magazine and then later Polyphony Digital said that it wasn’t the case – only IMS would be included. But you’re right – it’s kind of a joke that you have to ‘simulate’ driving an Indy car by driving the F1 car. It’s even more of a joke when you realize the lost opportunity that was for IMS/Indycar.

      I wish Indycar was as popular as something like the NBA because we would’ve had some insight into what happened in the West Coast Office: what work did they do, what deals almost happened, what deals were on the burner, why it closed. Sadly, because of the niche-status of Indycar, I don’t think we’ll ever know – on the record – what they did there.

      I’m not on Twitter anymore – though I’m thinking of jumping back in. And thanks for adding me to your sidebar – I really appreciate it and the fact you took time to read what I’ve got. I’ll do the same for you, man.


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